What’s the point?

I don’t think that enough effort is made by mathematicians to write about the subject in a way that is interesting and comprehensible to non-mathematicians; as a result most people who don’t study it seem to think that it is incredibly dull and/or far too difficult to bother trying to understand.   My aim is, first and foremost, to try to persuade these people otherwise!

From a more selfish point of view this blog enables me to practise my writing and mathematical exposition, tests my understanding of concepts, and provides an impetus to learn new and interesting things.

And finally, if the whole mathematician thing happens not to work out for whatever reason, then my next choice of career would be “science writer”, in which case perhaps someone will read this and give me a job.

One Response to What’s the point?

  1. Francis Southern says:

    I think that this is a truly noble goal. Personally, I’m an aspiring mathematician and I have definitely enjoyed reading your blog; I shall be starting my own soon and I hope that it’s half as good as yours. 🙂

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